Team Profiles

The Documentary Team

Eliot FisherEliot Gray Fisher (Project Coordinator) is a filmmaker and composer. He is coordinator of the Documentary Studies Certificate Program at the College of Santa Fe, a year-long program for adult students. Eliot's scores for student films and his own thesis documentary short, Last of the Wangunks, about a Connecticut man suing to recover land of tribe of which he claimed ancestry, earned him the Leavell Memorial Prize in Film at Wesleyan University. Power on the River, a documentary about the impacts of a hydroelectric dam on communities along a river in rural Brazil, which he Co- Produced, Directed, and Edited with Anna Kongs, as well as composing its original music, was an official selection of the 29th Big Muddy Film Festival. He has also produced video of Yaqui ceremonies for Dr. David Delgado Shorter’s interactive ethnographic website. Eliot is currently developing Dreaming in American, a film blending fiction and documentary exploring immigration and the American Dream.

Kenneth BachichaKenneth Bachicha is a recent New Mexico Highlands University graduate. Kenneth’s video/film career is still rather young, however he has had two successful ventures into the short documentary world.  The first being a collaborative project, Stranded on Deck: The Decline of Softball in Las Vegas, NM, with fellow filmmaker Virginia Marrujo. The documentary received praise at the Las Peliqulas Film Festival. Bachicha’s second short documentary, 4 over 5 Plus 72, covered artists Charles Ross’ permanent art installation at NMHU’s Hilton Science building.  The documentary was created as a professional internship project for New Mexico Department of Cultural Affair’s Art In Public Places Program and was distributed to all legislatures as well as the governor’s office. 

Veronica BlackVeronica Black is starting her junior year at New Mexico Highlands University where she is finishing up her Media Arts B.F.A. in Digital Filmmaking and her minor in Fine Arts. During the past semester she worked on the campus newspaper as the resident comic artist and held the position as president of the Media Arts Club. She and her husband celebrated the first anniversary of their marriage this past May. Their next goal as a married couple is to try for children, but they will start with a puppy first.

Jeana FrancisJeana Francis is a member of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma. Melding tribal culture with modern technology has always been a critical part
of her creative work She received an Associate's Degree of Applied Science in Computer Animation from the Colorado Institute of Art in 1998, and a BFA in New Media Arts from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM in 2008. Her passions are filmmaking, web design, graphic design, visual projection, and interactive media, through which she explores. Her first film, Future Warrior, co-directed with Nigel R. LongSoldier, was an official selection of the Santa Fe Film Festival, NO-STATIC Film Festival, and the Talking Stick Film Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Jason JaacksBefore enrolling at the College of Santa Fe, Jason Jaacks spent two years working, traveling and occasionally enrolling in a film production class. During his time away from formal education he sampled the life of a ski bum, documented HIV/AIDS in South Africa, and worked for two years at CBS4 News in Denver, Colorado. To date he has driven across the US several times and looks forward to more photographic adventures. He also is looking forward to earning a Bachelor of the Arts in Documentary Studies with a minor in Managing Sustainable Enterprise.

Carlo MartinezA veteran of the United States Air Force, Carlo Ray Martinez took interest in documenting his environment during his assignment in
Okinawa, Japan, while stationed at Kadena A.F.B. Inspired to travel, he continued documenting his adventures from Los Roques, Venezuela, to
King Salmon, Alaska, through photography and paintings. Upon returning to New Mexico, Carlo found an audience for his art, and an appreciation for the evocative power of imagery. A self-taught painter, his progression has moved him into the field of film/video. He is currently enrolled at the Institute of American Indian Arts, primarily focusing on New Media and Documentary Studies and their potential for preserving indigenous traditions, cultures, and languages which he feels is an integral part of human existence.

Megan McHughMegan McHugh grew up in Denver, Colorado, where she discovered an interest in photography through her grandmother’s voracious appetite for taking pictures of her grandchildren. She is currently a senior in the Documentary Studies program at the College of Santa Fe. The process of creatively working with forms such as audio, photography, and video while having to maintain an anthropological and sociological standpoint is extremely challenging and exciting to her. She has completed several short documentary student projects, about everything from a struggling flamenco dancer to a WWII veteran exploring the repressed memories of war in his later years. She recently completed a documentary in Cuba, New Mexico about rural gang life and will be heading to India in July to make a feature documentary on a sustainability and youth leadership non-profit.

The Web Team

Paul ConleyPaul Conley is a graduate of New Mexico Highlands University's Media Arts program. Since graduating in 2007, Paul has been working on CSS-based websites including sites for the Rural/Northern New Mexico GEAR UP Program and the website for the Album Amicorum marbled paper exhibit currently on display in Santa Fe, NM. Apart from CSS work, Paul is also well versed in videography, video editing and documentary filmmaking. Recently Paul showcased his documentary Truth, Justice and the American Way: Comics in American Culture in the New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival in Albuquerque, NM.

Lauren AddarioLauren Addario is an interactive multimedia artist with an emphasis in exhibition design. Lauren merges her fine art background with media arts and computer science to create works that invite the viewer to become a participant in the creation of the pieces. In addition to her personal work, she collaborated with Kara Pajewski for her masters degree to produce Emergence: A New View of Life’s Origin, a traveling exhibit devoted to the Santa Fe Institute’s groundbreaking research about the origins of life on Earth. The exhibition was most recently installed in the National Science Foundation atrium from February 5-29th, 2008. Lauren recently received her masters degree in Media Arts/Computer Science.

Kara PajewskiKara Pajewski recently graduated from New Mexico Highlands University with a Master of Arts in Media Arts and Computer Science. Currently she is working on Flash components for the SITE Santa Fe Seventh International Biennial documentary team's website. For her masters degree she worked with a fellow graduate student, Lauren Addario, on an exhibit for the Santa Fe Institute entitled Emergence: A New View of Life's Origin.

Project Advisors

Mimi Roberts(Project Director) is a museum professional with over thirty years of experience as a curator, researcher, writer, editor, and museum
consultant. She has a BA in comparative culture from the University of
California Irvine, where she graduated summa cum laude, and an MA from
George Washington University, where she majored in art history with a
concentration in museum studies. She was a Helena Rubinstein Fellow in
the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in 1976 and held a
Fellowship for Arts Managers in the Museum Program at the National
Endowment for the Arts in 1982. Ms. Roberts was the U. S. Commissioner for the Venice Biennale in 1997, organizing an exhibition of the paintings of Robert Colescott, the first African American to represent the United States at that event in a single-artist show. From 2000-2005, she directed the
traveling exhibitions program for the Museum of New Mexico system. In
her current position she promotes the use of technology in New
Mexico's museums and administers a partnership between DCA and the
Media Arts Program at New Mexico Highlands University that prepares
students for careers as multimedia specialists in museums and cultural
institutions. She places NMHU students in paid internships in museums
and other professional settings and has developed a partnership with
the Santa Fe Institute that involves NMHU students in producing
traveling exhibitions based on SFI research projects.

A Los Angeles based video performance and installation artist, Robert
integrates his work with site-specific architecture,
sculptural components, and interactive video. Drawing from his
experience in film and stage lighting, sound design, material
fabrication and video production, Drummond shows work internationally
and performs live onstage using real-time video mixing techniques. Recent installation exhibitions include: "Living Systems" at the
Contemporary Art Center of Virginia (2006),'Decoding Highlights' at
VTO gallery (2004), 'Memory Prismatic' at Ground Zero in Marina del
Rey (2003), and 'Emotion Anamorphic' at DCA gallery in Venice,
California (2003). His performances include video backgrounds for
members of Cirque du Soliel, the Erato Philharmonic orchestra (2005),
and Hysterica Dance Company. In March of 2006, Drummond worked with
the University of Southern California and faculty at the university of
Alaska Fairbanks, streaming real time video environments for
pioneering research into the possibilities of video and music
performance using Internet 2.

Miriam Langer spent the dot-com years in New York City, at New York
University's Interactive Telecommunications Program, developing some
of the first websites and Internet applications for museums and arts
organizations. Returning to New Mexico, she began working with museums
to bring interactivity into exhibits, and useful content to websites.
She recently completed an animation of the citric acid cycle for a
student-produced exhibition for the Santa Fe Institute based on a
major research project there on the origin of life. As a professor of Media Arts at New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, New Mexico, she believes that the frontier of interaction design is moving away from the model of "one person, one machine", and into truly interactive spaces. Langer is also a founding member of Freelance Farm, a collective of web and multimedia developers who work on projects for various arts and culture organizations.

Web designer Lauren Addario, along with the rest of the web team, seldom sees the light of day.
Photo by Paul Conley
From left to right Paul Conley, Lauren Addario, Eliot Fisher and Carlo Martinez (foreground), the "Labrats".
Photo by Robert Drummond
Hard at work, videographer and editor Kenneth Bachicha works on another video for the Lucky 7 Project.
Photo by Robert Drummond
Before the video gets to the lab, it comes from the field. Here, Jeana Francis gets a shot of the action.
Photo by Robert Drummond